Since you found our site, your either learning about alternative energy, looking for a solar installer or are looking for ways to save money.  If you have been considering solar for some time and debating about the costs, we can honestly say that right now is the best time to invest in solar. While the federal government is still offering a 30% tax credit this year, that starts decreasing in 2019.  The Washington state net metering program is also being scaled down, this year you can earn up to 21 cents per kilowatt hour that you produce but next year that drops to 18 cents next year.  What does this mean to you, well with fewer government programs helping to finance your solar install it will take more years to offset the cost of solar.  But keep in mind, most of the local utility companies are increasing rates, once you purchase your solar system….your costs are locked in.  And the components we use all carry a 25 year warranty…your return on investment generally occurs between 7-12 years and your components are warrantied to run twice that long.

Not in the market for solar or still can’t afford it, well an energy audit will affordably point out areas in your home where you could be saving money through home improvements like additional insulation or plugging that hole in the retaining wall that you forgot was there but is leaking all your heating and air conditioning. As a BPI certified energy auditor, we have the expertise to evaluate your home and give you a checklist of items you can repair. Give us a call.

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