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Solar & Energy Consulting & Engineering

Tailored for clients who are DIYers or clients experiencing energy issues

  1. Solar & Energy Consulting & Research
  2. Solar & Energy Engineering

Solar Services & Products

  • Solar Site Survey

Analyze and produce a report on the ability for the property to generate solar energy by:

Recording various solar readings required for solar design and engineering

Recording physical measurements of the property

Determining feasibility of solar components placement on the property

Generating a Solar Site Survey report with findings

  • Solar Engineering & Design

Engineer, design and provide a report with drawings of a full solar electric or solar thermal system. NOTE: Desi

gn fees may be higher for complex or larger designs.

  • Solar Thermal Installation

Design, engineer, and install a solar thermal system for domestic hot water, pool heating, radiant heating, etc in accordance with owner’s specifications.

  • Solar PV Installation

Design, engineer and install a solar electric system in accordance with owner’s specifications